There are a few ways to troubleshoot why tags are not applied to your GHL contacts.

1. Check your location is connected:

Make sure your location is connected to your WordPress website. To check this go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to GHL Wizard settings page, your location must be connected to your WordPress website and if it's connected but didn't add tags, you can reconnect your location.


Action: you may need to reconnect your location.

2. Check the tags on your product settings page:

Please visit the product settings page, and check the tags are listed there, you may need to refresh the data if you can't see your newly added tags on the product settings page.

Action: you may need to refresh your data.


3. Check when your trigger will be fired:

In your GHL Wizard settings page, navigate to the options tab, here check which order status is set to trigger the action. The trigger will be fired based on this setting.

Now visit your order from WooCommerce->Orders and check your order has passed that status already if not you can test it manually by updating the order status on your order edit page. It may help you diagnose why the trigger isn't firing.

Action: you may need to change order status manually and check when the trigger fires.

4. Deactivating other plugins:

If you are still facing issues, your site may affected by other plugins, in this case, deactivate your all other plugins and test this plugin. If you get success, there must be a plugin that affects the process. You can find the plugin that is affecting the process by re-activating plugins one by one, let us know which plugin was the reason for the issue, and we will try to solve the collision that you are facing.